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Zero Falls (early access)

Instant access to the current development build of Zero Falls via our launcher. Steam key included.

Steam key: If you purchase Zero Falls you will gain access to a product called "Steam Key" which will allow you to redeem a steam key for no additional cost.

Warning: This is an early access product. Buy this if you want to support us, experience content early, and provide feedback that may affect the course of development. We aren't a large studio and we need the help of our community to make this game.


Zero Falls is a single player space simulation that takes place in a derelict system with lots of industry but no inhabited planets. You play as a rogue space captain who has gained control of an ancient terraforming complex and aims to reap havok actoss the system. increase your power and access to technology by fighting anyone that has something you want, and explore to unlock the secrets of this star system.

This game allows you to be a rogue space captain in charge of a small elite crew. While most of the gameplay revolves around intense realtime ship combat, your character exists as an actual crew member inside your ship. You can see the result of combat as chunks of your ship are blown off and your crew scramble to put out fires and repair hull breaches. You can also board enemies and battle them face to face for control of their ship, or explore the interiors of strange objects found in space.



  • Extreme combat detail - All ship interiors and systems are fully simulated. Disable a ship and board it, or shoot at it until the enemy crew is defeated, there is no concept of hitpoints for ships.
  • Infinite persistent universe - The game world is infinite and semi-procedural with every pixel of every starship, station, asteroid, and ancient artifact being something that can be explored, raided, harvested, or destroyed.
  • RPG character progression - Hundreds of technology unlocks including new ship weapons, new ship hulls, new ship modules, gear for your crew, station upgrades and more.
  • Open ended singleplayer story - Your activities will be guided by a singleplayer story but not controlled. Singleplayer objectives, when completed, will advance the state of the open world and progress the story without forcing the player to follow any particular path.


Zero Falls is distributed through the Wayward Terran Frontier launcher. After purchasing this product, enter your store credentials into the launcher to download the latest version of Zero Falls.

System Specs: This game uses multithreading and massive piles of both VRAM and system memory to simulate the interior of every starship you encounter including the behavior of every AI entity inside every ship. We don't have exact system specifications yet, but we suggest at least a DX10 compatable video card, 3gb of ram, and a dual core processor (ideally quad core) as minimum specs for a good experience.